Overwatering is Out

Water that runs off your property from excess irrigation, car washing or hosing down sidewalks is prohibited, and is both a water use efficiency issue and a stormwater issue. Much like during rainy weather, runoff during dry weather flows down streets and sidewalks, picking up pollutants (e.g. litter, oil, dog poop, etc) on its way catch basins and eventually to the ocean. In short, the less water we have flowing through the streets during dry weather, the less potential we have for pollutants to find their way into the Pacific Ocean. Getting your outdoor irrigation under control makes a big difference in preventing runoff and water pollution. Get more tips on easy things you can do to protect Orange County’s world famous beaches at OverwateringIsOut.org.

OverwateringIsOut.org is an H2OC initiative of the Orange County Stormwater Program, which comprises the County of Orange and all 34 Orange County cities. H2OC was created with the goal of inspiring Orange County residents to help keep our local waterways healthy for generations to come. The materials on these pages have been created in close collaboration with our partners, including the Municipal Water District of Orange County and the University of California Cooperative Extension.