Landscape Paintings

The 3 oil-on-wood scenes on the lobby wall pieces focus on early California history, particularly Laguna Hills and Saddleback Valley. The murals are painted in the recessed crescent shapes above the feature wall in the Civic Center lobby. The colorful murals depict the changing of the land and the daily work of those who once lived here. The 1st mural features the raising of cattle from the rancho period. The 2nd mural features dry farming (large crops of barley, "black eye" beans, hay, and grain) and the threshing of the crops. The 3rd mural features an orange orchard highlighting the introduction of citrus fruits to Saddleback Valley in the 1920's.

Learn more about the Impressionist Painter, David Harrington.

Raising of Cattle

Raising of Cattle From the Rancho Period

Dry Farming

Dry Farming and the Threshing of the Crops

Orange Orchard

Orange Orchard Highlighting the Introduction of Citrus Fruits