Capital Improvement Projects

Streets, Signals & Lighting

CIP 101 - Annual Street Maintenance (Ongoing)

This project involves the pavement maintenance and resurfacing of all of the City's streets on a 6-year return cycle. For budget and cost efficiency, one-third (1/3) of the City streets are maintained as a single project every two (2) years. The maintenance of these streets is based on the Pavement Management Plan which is updated every two (2) years. The six (6) zones of the City are designated alphabetically A through F.

  • Zones C & E - 2025/2026
  • Zones B & F - 2025/2026
  • Zones A & D - 2027/2028

Historically, Zones C & E would have been done in 2023/2024; however, due to the deleterious state of Paseo de Valencia pavement, the City is deferring the residential street work by two years to provide additional funding for CIP 104, listed below.

CIP 104 - Paseo de Valencia Pavement Rehabilitation Project (Scheduled)

This summer, the City is slated to begin repaving Paseo de Valencia between Avenida de la Carlota and Alicia Parkway. The project will include upgrades to curb ramps along the route, and the reconstruction of the nearly zero-inch height median curbs to full height median curb to improve traffic safety. Following the repaving project, the City plans to upgrade landscaping in the medians.

CIP 106 - La Paz Road Retaining Wall Project in front of Valencia Elementary School (Scheduled)

In partnership with Saddleback Valley Unified School District, the City has entered into a construction contract for the construction of a new retaining wall on the south side of La Paz Road between Paseo de Valencia and Grissom Road to prevent soils on the District's adjoining slope from sloughing onto the sidewalk. This project also includes the widening of the sidewalk in this segment. Construction is scheduled to begin in March 2024, weather permitting. This project is part of a larger Citywide concrete sidewalk repair replacement project where severely uplifted and cracked sidewalk panels will be replaced in areas identified by City staff and citizen requests.

CIP 186 - La Paz Road Pavement Rehabilitation Project - West City Limit to Alameda Avenue (Scheduled)

This summer, the City is slated to begin repaving La Paz Road between the west City limit and the easterly side of the intersection with Alameda Avenue. This project includes upgrades to curb ramps along the route and rehabilitation of a sever roadway dip on either side of the horse/trail undercrossing on La Paz, east of Moulton Parkway.

Flood Control & Water Quality

CIP 412-L - CPS-ModTM & ARS-CLTM Screen Project, Phase XII (Ongoing)

As part of the OCTA Environmental Cleanup Program funded by the County's half-cent sales tax transportation measure, Measure M also known as OC GO, the City receives grant funding to install trash and debris capture devises on various catch basins throughout the City. The 12th Phase of this Project is scheduled to begin in July 2024. This also includes clearing and grubbing, mobilization, traffic control, and catch basin cleaning.


CIP 237 - Community Center and Sports Complex Improvements (Completed)

This project included repairs and replacements of several outside fixtures, play equipment and finishes, as well as construction of a new small retaining wall at the toe of the slope at the rear of the age 2 to 5 playground at the Community Center's "Dinosaur Park."