I've filed a crime report, now what happens?
Once a crime report has been filed, in most instances, the case will proceed as follows: The deputy who took the report will provide you with a Case # for future reference. As much follow-up investigation will be done by the deputy before it is submitted to a Supervisor for approval. The Supervisor will then forward the report to the Investigation Division where it will be assigned to an investigator who specializes in investigating that particular type of crime. If there is workable suspect information, the investigator will continue to work the case to resolution. If there is no workable information in the report, the investigator will contact you to ascertain if there is any new information available. If there is no new information or evidence, the case will be made inactive until any new information becomes available. From the time the deputy writes the report to the time it is assigned to an investigator takes approximately 5-7 working days. You may obtain a copy of the report through Orange County Sheriff's Records Division at (714) 834-6454 approximately 10-14 working days after the report is made.

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