Builder's Remedy

What is the builder’s remedy?

The Housing Accountability Act, Government Code Section 65589.5 (the “HAA”), includes a special provision [Government Code Section 65589.5(d)], colloquially referred to as the “builder’s remedy”, to encourage housing production that takes effect when a City’s Housing Element is out of compliance. Under the HAA, the City of Laguna Hills adopted a substantially compliant Housing Element update on June 28, 2022. 

The following table is the status of the Builders Remedy projects that have been submitted to the City (updated February 9, 2022):

APNAppl-icationPlansTotal Proposed UnitsAffordable Units# of StoriesPreliminary SB330 Application SubmittedFormal SB330 Application SubmittedPreliminary Application Submittal Date
Formal Application Submittal Date
La Paz Road
620-211-15, 17, 18LINKLINK190385YesNo12/14/2022