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Rooted Volunteer Campaign

The Rooted Volunteer Campaign was created to provide a series of planting events to help beautify our community. Volunteers will head out to different parks and neighborhoods throughout the City to plant various trees and plants in areas of need. All participants will be given a Rooted Volunteer Campaign T-shirt. Pre-registrations is required, so check out below to see our upcoming events and sign up. For more information call 949-707-2680.


Next event coming in June! More info to follow...

Past Events

April 17th:

Park Planting - El Conejo 

We will be meeting at El Conejo Park at 9:00am. We will be planting trees, including Crape Myrtle, Tipu Tree, and Jacaranda, and plants and Lantana, roses, xylosma, and salvia. If you have any questions please call 949-707-2680. Register now by clicking the button below.

October 24th

Laguna Hills Community Center

At several areas within the Community Center, including Dinosaur Park, volunteers and staff planted over 350 plants of 8 different varieties including Red Carpet Roses, Purple Lantanas, and Red Iceberg Roses. A See event photos.

Neighborhood Planting - Largo and Sunburst

At the intersection Largo and Sunburst volunteers and staff planted 100 Plumbagoes, 25 Iceberg Roses, and 200 Ivy Geraniums. See event photos.