Laguna Hills.
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Identity of the City
​Laguna Hills is a great community, a great place to live, and an excellent place to start or relocate a business. While residents value this small town atmosphere they also enjoy the big city amenities the City has to offer. The City's shopping and employment destinations provide for a strong and sound economy, further strengthening the City's quality of life. The City features streets lined with well-manicured homes, low crime rates, award-winning school districts, and an ethnically diverse population where over 45% of residents hold a Bachelor's degree or higher and households have an average income level of 23% above the state average. The guiding themes of the City establish the vision and direction Laguna Hills foresees and they include:
  • A City prepared for the future
  • Focused revitalization in commercial centers
  • Efficient transportation system
  • Strong community identity
  • Healthy and supportive community for families and people of all ages.
​Thriving Business Environment
Shopping Centers:
  • ​The City is filled with shopping centers which are flourishing in today's recovering economic climate. Data shows that retail retail sales per person have been increasing sinces 2009 and are above the average in Orange County.
  • The City along with its strategic partners are always looking to improve current infrastructure to support current shopping centers. Centers like Oakbrook Village, The Courtyard at La Paz, and The Village at Nellie Gail have undergone major renovations with the support of the City in order to increase foot traffic and business appeal.
  • While small to medium sized businesses form the backbone of the economy of Laguna Hills and family-owned establishments have been a major part of the community since the 1990's, the City is open to new retail  and restaurant development to help serve local residents.
  • The City views expanding local retail as a priority as it will reduce residents' shopping trips to adjacent cities, reduce vehicle trips, and enhance the overall quality of life.
Not Just Retail:
  • While the City Values its retail businesses, it also is an excellent locatation for small office and light manufacturing companies because of its different leasing opportunities scattered throughout the city.
  • Laguna Hills has a substantial supply of Class A office space as well as small to midsize industrial building space that is ready to be used by your business.

​Supportive Local Government
​Business-friendly process:
  • ​City staff work to streamline application and approval processes as well as quickly approve zoning requests. The City makes opening up a new business or relocating your business as hassle-free as possible. For example, the city does not require a business license, and building permit reviews typically take less than 10 business days.
  • Attracting and retaining good businesses are top priorities for Laguna Hills. Our city environment fosters collaboration, competition, and choice. All the City staff work with closely with each department to coordinate the right team of experts to meet your needs. 
​Emphasis on Growth:
  • Important goals of the city include promoting revitalization that enhances the public realm and expans its unique offerings as well as cultivating environmental and economic sustainability. Some of the commercial and business centers have aged and are ripe with opportunities for new activity and redevelopment.
  • The City's economic development activities are designed to stimulate business growth, both large and small and generate local jobs. The City is highly responsive to any new businesses that show interest in locating in the City.
  • Laguna Hills understands the important relationship between the health of the business community and the maintenance of a high quality of life for its residents. For this reason, the City is committed to promoting and assisting in the success of our businesses. To achieve this goal, the City aggressively works to promote,retain, and attract quality businesses.
  • The City features a wide variety of commercial activity centers, such as the Urban Village Specific Plan Area, Alicia Gateway, and North Business Park. These areas provide multiple opportunities for residential, commercial, and mixed used development. The City also has existing infrastructure in place to serve new development.
​Strategic Location for Businesses:
  • Located within Southern Orange County in a high quality transit area, Laguna Hills is right next to Interstate 5 which travels all the way from the Candian Border to Mexico. The City is also minutes away from Interstate 405, another major freeway that takes commuters to Los Angeles. The City is between the major tourist destinations of Los Angeles and San Diego, making it a common stop for consumers traveling up or down Southern California.
  • The City is right in the middle of many different Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and Long Beach. These Foreign Trade Zones benefit businesses in many different ways such as reduction and elimination of duties, no quota restrictions, as well as exclusion from certain taxes.
  • Metrolink and Amtrak stations near the city make it simple for residents and guests to commute to and from Laguna Hills all over the country.
  • Many nearby airports such as LAX, John Wayne, San Diego, Long Beach, and Ontario provide businesses with a unique opportunity to reach out to customers that would not typically be serviced by small to medium sized businesses.
​Educated and Ready:
  • Includes a wealth of professional and nonprofessional trades persons. The majority of Laguna Hills residents are between the ages of 20 and 50 and have a college education.
  • Demographics information about the Cities employment and workforce can be found on the Demographics page.
Quality of Life

  • The City of Laguna hills is within close proximity of Interstate 5 and 405 as well as SR-73. The City, along with the OCTA have built the Laguna Hills Transportation Center which provides public transportation to and from Laguna Hills, as well as all over the County.
  • The City's General Plan goals, policies and programs for mobility emphasize pedestrian paths, bikeways, equestrian trails, and transit that connect neighborhoods to commercial distrcits, other activity centers, and regional transportation systems.
  • Laguna Hills is home to various excellent elementary schools including Lomarena, Valencia, and San Joaquin Elementary Schools.
  • The City's one high school, Laguna Hills High has an outstanding API of 851, ranking it in the top 7 percent of schools in the nation.
  • All three elementary schools in the City provide after school child care through "The Learning Connection", the child care services through the Saddleback Valley Unified School District.
  • Despite budget issues, all the elementary schools within the City are above the 50th percentile with Valencia being in the 91st percentile in API scores.
Public Health:
  • Saddleback Memorial Hospital, located within the City has claimed numerous awards through the years. In 2014 the hospital was voted number 1 in Orange County by the OC Register.
  • Saddleback Memorial Hospital was named one of Healthgrades  50 best hospitals in the United States, an achievement only 1% of hospitals achieve.
  • U.S. News ranked the hospital #24 in California in #12 in the Los Angeles metro area. The hospital was considered "High-Performing" in eight different areas.
  • The hospital has collected many other awards from different distinguished committes such as the Lung Cancer Aliance, Joint Commission, the American Heart Association, American Stroke Association, as well as Blue Distinction Centers.
  • Laguna Hills' unique geography provides a landscape that has something for everyone when it comes to housing. The City has opportunities for households of every size and income level. Laguna Hills is offers a wide array of housing opportunities including affordable apartments, first-time-buyer condominiums, suburban single family homes, and luxury multi-million dollar estates.
Public Safety:
  • Public Safety's mission is to provide responsive, professional, and caring law enforcement services to all people in the City of Laguna Hills. The City has a crime rate that is approximately 67% lower than the rest of California making it a safe place to open up a Business or to raise a family.
  • Laguna Hills is a safe and beautiful city rich and culture and entertainment. Since the weather is usually warm and sunny year-round, outdoor events, activities, and facilities are always bustling with activity. Laguna Hills boasts some of the best climate's in the nation with a July average of 71, and a January average of 57.
Parks, Recreation, and Community Services:
  • The Community Centers and Sports Complex host a vast majority of the sports leagues for the city of Laguna Hills, including Little League Baseball, AYSO Soccer, NJB Baketball, as well as various adult sports leagues.
  • Major events are held throughout the City year-round, none bigger than the Memorial Day Half Marathon which attracts thousands to the City to help suppose the City's adopted 3/5 Marines.
  • The City in partnership with the Saddleback Valley Unified School District have an after school sports program to keep children engaged and active all year long.
  • The City of Laguna Hills contains 13 parks scattered all through the City that provide enjoyment and leisure for the community.
  • The Technical Library, located within the Community Center holds 18 workstations, all fully equipped with internet as well as Microsoft Office applications. The Library is a wireless hotspot for laptop users and there are study tables available for public use. Library staff is available to help find books and other materials, do research, and help with homework. The library also contains a small collection of books and magazines for all ages.
  • Laguna Hills' natural amenities are highly valued. The community is envisioned as a healthy and clean environment where resources are protected.
  • For more information on the City's community services visit their page here.